1 Gallon Humidifier, Cool Mist

1 Gallon Humidifier – Crane Adorable Cool Mist Humidifier, Elephant Shape

Adorable Crane Cool Mist 1 gallon humidifier provides additional comfort to cold symptoms, dry itchy skin, and chapped lips. The whisper quiet humidifier operates on a low power consumption providing up to 11 hours of moisture from a removable one gallon water tank.

Includes an automatic shut off safety feature when water tank is empty. This cute elephant design is just one of the many animal characters to be found, others include a frog, a panda bear, duck, tiger, dragon, pig, sponge bob, a penguin, leopard, hello kitty and a cute dairy cow.
1 gallon humidifier

  • Provides relief for cough, cold and flu symptoms
  • Supports easier breathing and congestion relief from allergy and asthmatic type symptoms
  • Provides moisture for dry coughs, sinus irritation, dry skin
  • Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation; moisture output up to 2.1 gal. per day
  • Use on a flat surface
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Question by Jayden : which one is better for baby room: Humidifier or Air Cleaner?
I’m preparing for my baby room . Which one you guys think is better between humidifier and air cleaner.

Answer by cocobear41107
I have an air cleaner in my baby’s room and when you walk into the room you can tell that the air is much cleaner. But for the air cleaner to really work your suppose to keep the door closed. Target has nice air cleaners


they are both completely different types of machines…i would suggest you get a COOL mist humidifier to keep on hand for dry winter air or when baby is ill; the air cleaner is optional, but if you feel better having it for whatever reason, get one too; but they do not serve any of the same purposes, so i wouldn’t make it a choice between the two unless it is financial…in that case i would go for the humidifer….gl

Melrose Mommy

Both are good. Air cleaner is good for every day use to keep nice clean air in your baby’s lung. Humidifier is great for when the baby gets a cold. Only problem with humidifier is that is tends to make the room cold. We have a special heater in our baby’s room that is very safe (doesn’t blow heat, it oscillates it) and that helps keep the room between 68-72 degrees.

Kristin Pregnant with #4

Without a doubt a humidifier. Babies should have cool moist air.. those air purifies don’t really work that great anyways.

Cool Mist 1 Gallon Humidifier Customer Reviews

Midwestern Mom

Photobucketquiet, efficient and cute!

This frog humidifier is wonderful. I’m so glad I finally decided to get one after reading reviews on it since last winter. Unlike this picture, the actual product is a true Granny Smith apple green, or some might call it lime green.
-no expensive filter required. (my Holmes humidifier requires a new $13 filter about every 6 weeks)
-shuts off automatically when it runs out of water
-easy to refil water
-simple and easy to use
-tiny green light is on when humidifier is in use and I persoanlly like a very dark bedroom at night. I just tape a dark piece of paper over it and problem solved. But it can also be a night light for a child’s room.
-must be on a nightstand or some sort of elevated surface. Some people might not have that room to spare.
-it may be TOO cute and irresitible for little ones to keep their hands off it at first. But the newness wears off.

J. Muench

PhotobucketQuiet, easy to use, and so gosh darn CUTE!

I got the penguin humidifier a week ago after researching multiple brands, some expensive ones, filter ones, big ones, warm ones, etc. And I read the reviews about it leaking or breaking on this one, and essentially there was some complaint on just about every brand out there–always a few problems. So for the $30 this one cost (and the fact that it is ridiculously adorable!) it seemed to cover what I needed: something that was not expensive, not too large and bulky, smaller reservoir so more fresh water going through it (and less water sitting around getting ookey) and would add humidity where ever it was.

It has been running almost non-stop for a week, minus filling times or when we were out, and has worked perfectly. The body reservoir, even when running on high, has lasted at least 16 hours. I haven’t had problems with white dust on everything like my old-fashioned gigantic noisy one (I use tap water), and it doesn’t spray water drops out with the mist either. It definitely made a difference running at night in the bedroom–no noses and throats feeling ‘dry as dust’ in the AM.

The penguin has a small footprint, about 9″ diameter and 12.75″ tall. It runs almost silently BUT it does make a trickling noise and actually sounds like our tabletop fountain. It’s a nice sound during the day but wore on me during the night; I wasn’t used the sound and I kept thinking it’s leaking when it wasn’t. So now I run it for a while before bed and I sleep much better all around.

Things to watch out for though… the reservoir opening where you fill it, there is a screw-on cap with a spring-valve (like what’s at the bottom of your coffee maker basket). There should be a silicone O-ring that fits in the top of the cap. Our O-ring was inside the opening, and since it was clear-ish could be easily missed. The O-ring could cause the cap to leak if not seated properly and the cap needs to be tightened snuggly.

When filled and righted (there’s even a little handle to carry it by) it should only drip slightly out of the spring-valve. Check that nothing is clogging the spring-valve by pressing it in (before filling) and that the flap is not folded. Only use COLD water in the reservoir, and if you boiled water WAIT for it to be room temp before using. Using hot water could definitely cause this plastic to crackle and crack. The body must sit squarely on the ‘butt’ or it can dribble over the side a tiny bit.

We have had absolutely no problems with this little cutie, and if I do I’ll update my posting. It has a nice rocker on-off switch on his ‘left butt cheek’. It has a dial on the front (I’ll call it his bellybutton) to adjust the amount of mist; even on high he doesn’t drip. The mist dial doesn’t seem to affect the fountain noise at all; i.e. the lesser misting does not lessen any gurgling it does. A great little design and it does the job!

J. Baltrus “Balthazar”

PhotobucketBuy it, enjoy it…it works great plus is cute.

A great little humidifier. Well worth the money for its functionality…the cute appearance is a bonus. It is not loud at all and really cranks out serious humidity.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers are excellent for creating a year spherical cool and a comfy atmosphere each within and out of doors your home.

Totally different sorts of cool mist humidifiers are available that can be used for both personal and commercial purpose. This type of humidifier is ideal for regions where the climate is typically dry but warm.

In warmer climate this kind of humidifier is naturally a better option than alternative quite humidifiers. For one, the reason is obviously hotter climate and secondly this sort is much more safer as it doesn’t would like to boil water. An added advantage is the value effectiveness and considerable low energy consumption.

Ccool Mist Humidifiers

If you are scouting for that perfect cool mist humidifiers, you will come across three completely different sorts and before you decide which one to choose, it’s better to concentrate on how every one specifically operates:

Impeller humidifier – The pressure from a high speed rotating disk thrusts water into a diffuser, that then breaks the water into little droplets and releases it within the air as mist.

Offered as mostly tabletop units, these humidifiers not solely cools the area temperature but they’re also sometimes quite therefore you’ll be rest assured of not being distracted by any loud noises. Likewise in an impeller humidifier you do not need to change any filters.

Evaporative Humidifiers – Definitely quite widespread and the most commonly used, cool mist evaporative humidifiers works on the natural principal of evaporation. The humidifier contains a wick that absorbs water while a fan blows out the dry air through the wick filter.

This permits the water in the filter to evaporate into the room. The evaporative humidifier not only adds moisture to the air but it additionally filters any reasonably impurities or minerals. This is often the explanation why it’s advantageous to interchange most wick filters approximately every 2 months.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers – these humidifiers are known to be the quietest as they operate on high-frequency vibrations. The water within the humidifier turns into vapor mist through the ultrasonic frequency of the sound waves.

The vapor mist is then discharged into the air through a tiny fan. It’s advisable to use distilled water with ultrasonic mist humidifiers as not all the models trap the impurities and minerals.

Choosing the simplest humidifier

Now that you are alert to how each one works, it’s now time to come to a decision which whole you must zero in on. While choosing a complete, you would like to be clear of what features are you wanting for in an exceedingly humidifier.

Simple cleaning: There are quite some brands that make humidifiers, that doesn’t want their filters to be changed. Air O Swiss humidifier is one such option, as its filter desires cleaning once a season.

Checking for designed-in humidistat: This is often a great feature to own in your humidifier as it automatically keeps a check on the temperature and doesn’t let it over humidify and it saves water as well. Moist Air humidifiers return equipped with a digital humidistat for moisture control. Few of the Air-O-Swiss and Graco humidifier models also have this facility.

Keeping noise levels low: If you are particular of wanting a humidifier that is exceptionally quiet, then opt for Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifiers. The opposite options are cool mist humidifiers from Germ Guardian Humidifiers and Graco Humidifiers.

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