10 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

At 10 weeks pregnant, if you have only just found out in the last week or so that you are carrying then you may have a ‘scan for dates’ around weeks 10-12. This will be to check for a heartbeat and confirm how far along you are. This can be a lot to take in so soon as you will also get to see and take home a picture and a scan recording of your baby too. As you can see from the scan below, at 10 weeks pregnant, your baby is rather well developed by now.

10 Weeks Pregnancy Dating Scan

If you are normally prone to skin problems such as dry skin or acne then it is likely that this may flare up too during this time in your first trimester. You won’t normally be noticing any major increase in your weight although your uterus will have begun to expand slightly and you may be able to feel it just above your pubic bone. Your breasts may have also increased by a whole cup-size too so be sure to purchase yourself a good supportive maternity bra if this is the case.

It is quite normal to experience an odourless, milky white discharge during your pregnancy too as this is the body’s natural alkaline cleansing procedure that helps to protect your baby from any external bacteria or infection. Keep the area clean and dry, wear cotton undies, avoid tight-fitting clothes and stick to fresh water instead of perfumed soaps when washing.

At 10 weeks pregnant your need for frequent urinating has not abated either and nor will it just yet. If you experience any odour or pain whilst passing urine then see your healthcare advisor as you are more prone to urinary tract infections whilst pregnant.

Pregnancy fatigue at this stage can often lead to light-headedness so it’s important to get as much rest and lots of little catnaps throughout the day. Contrary to how you are feeling though a little light exercise can actually be quite energizing. The fatigue will usually pass by the time you enter into your second trimester though.

It is important to always minimize stress and maintain a sense of well-being so from early on in your pregnancy you may want to consider light, sensual, relaxing shoulder massaging and (therapeutic) bath oils although not all essential oils are recommended. It is advised to always consult with a therapist beforehand.

Be sure to let your employer know as soon as you are pregnant as you are entitled to paid leave to attend antenatal clinics and classes. In the UK you can usually begin maternity leave up to 11 weeks before your due date or, if you choose, you can work right up until you are due. Your employer can enforce the start of your leave up to 4 weeks before if you are off sick with a pregnancy related illness. Maternity laws can vary from state to state in America so it’s best to check with your local state authority for advice.

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