12 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

You have reached a significant milestone when you are 12 weeks pregnant as this marks the end of your first trimester. Many women will actually have their first scan during this week at which point they will feel confident enough to make an official announcement to the world that they are pregnant (especially since there are now photos available to prove it).

12 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect

This is also around the time when the pregnancy actually becomes a reality for the father too as he has the opportunity to ‘see’ his child for the first time. Many men are surprised by how emotional they actually feel at this point too. During the scan, your pregnancy will also be dated to see how far along you actually are. This is achieved by measuring the fetus as up until this time, all babies develop at the same rate, regardless of genetic patterning, whether they are male or female or whether the mother or father is tall or short.

How The Scan Is Done?

During an ultrasound scan, high-frequency sound waves are emitted through the abdomen via a hand-held device called a transducer. As the sound waves hit solid tissue, they translate into an image that is viewed on a computer screen and interpreted by the sonograpther. You may be asked to drink plenty of water before this scan to raise the uterus and provide a clearer image. The sonographer will put some cold gel on your abdomen to maximize contact with the skin and will then move the transducer gently over the area.

What Can Be Seen?

As well as confirming your dates, your 12 week ultrasound may reveal some other useful information.

This scan will confirm whether you have a single or multiple pregnancy (twins or triplets, for example). Uterine abnormalities can also be seen, such as a double uterus although this is rare. Uterine fibroids (benign tumours) will also be identified. The scan could also reveal an overian cyst (corpus luteum) on the ovary that produced the egg. These are common and can persist in the first trimester. Fetal abnormalities may be seen, but most are usually diagnosed at the 20 week scan when organs are seen clearly.

Although these dating scans are accurate and can determine your expected due date, it’s never a guarantee that you will actually deliver on that day. In fact, only around 5% of pregnancies deliver exactly on the expected day.

Some Side Effects This Week

Although you may find that nausea has began to pass by now (in many cases) you may begin to find that you start to feel a little out of breath when climbing the stairs, for example. This is usually completely normal and is considered to be a normal and expected side-effect that you simply have to learn to get used to.

Due to high levels of Progesterone there can be many changes also happening to your skin, at 12 weeks pregnant, that can be a little alarming to some, especially when you have never suffered with any skin problems in the past. Changes such as spots or acne can develop, along with dry and flaky skin, especially around your abdomen as the skin is stretched. Freckles and moles may also become much darker looking and you may even notice tiny red lines appearing on your chest or legs. These are known as ‘spider naevi’ and are caused by the increased blood supply to the skin’s surface.

By stark contrast, the famous ‘pregnancy glow’ can actually have your skin looking better than it ever has in the past. As high levels of estrogen increases the blood flow, it can often give you a rather rosy, healthy looking complexion.

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