13 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

Being 13 weeks pregnant is now officially the start of your second trimester and unless you are faced with any major adversity, such as an ‘incompetent cervix’ then the chances of miscarrying at this stage are now significantly reduced. Your hormone levels are also beginning to subside as the placenta has now taken over the job of nourishing your baby and acting as a substitute liver, lungs and kidneys which results in reduced feelings of nausea for you. The feeling of having to continuously unrinate will also abate as your body becomes more accumstomed to being pregnant.

Pregnancy 13 Weeks

Having plenty of rest is always very important but you should notice at 13 weeks pregnant that you have a new, re-energized spring in your step. Whilst you feel you have more energy, it may be a good time to begin final preparations for your new arrival, such as nursery decorating, etc. while you can as the tiredness usually returns with a vengeance by the time you arrive into the third trimester.

Even with this new sense of vigor you will still be undergoing many changes in your body, such as the darkening of the areola around your nipples. As the glands around your areola continue to swell you may find that you also have some rather unusual lumps and bumps in that area. This is quite normal. The darkening is nature’s way of guiding the baby to where it needs to suckle.

A re-awakened sex drive is not uncommon for a lot of women during this stage of pregnancy and intercourse is generally regarded as safe unless you have a ‘high-risk’ pregnancy. Your midwife should be able to alleviate any misgivings you may have surrounding this.

During the 2nd trimester of pregnancy your waistline will also begin to disappear as your muscles and ligaments begin to slacken. Weight gain for some women can be rapid now so ensure you always eat healthily. Begin wearing non-restrictive clothing if needed at this stage.

It can be a little startling for women, especially the first time around, to experience “round ligament” pain. These are usually short, sharp stabbing pains to the abdomen which occur when changing position or rolling over in bed. Although uncomfortable, this pain is nothing to be alarmed about as the ’round ligament’ surrounds the uterus and stretches as your abdomen expands.

You may find that you still have more of the ‘swollen’ belly look as your approach pregnancy 13 weeks as opposed to a pregnant ‘bump’ – all the same, on entering your second trimester now it may be worth considering finding ways of comforting yourself in the coming weeks by investing in a pregnancy pillow. This will aid a better night’s sleep as you continue to grow larger.

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