16 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

As you are now 16 weeks pregnant this marks the earliest time you may be able to feel you baby’s physical presence. As his movements are very subtle it may be difficult to recognise them especially if you are a ‘first-time’ mother. These early movement patterns are normally referred to as ‘quickening’ and may resemble the feeling of fluttering butterflies or the popping bubbles of a fizzy drink. Don’t be too concerned if you cannot feel anything at this stage, his movements will strengthen over time. Always contact your midwife if you have any misgivings at all.

Pregnancy 16 Weeks

The first trimester showed a precise growth rate on the embryo but once you enter into the second trimester, the growth rate between babies will differ. There are many factors that determine the size of your child, namely genetics, which are associated with the size of the mother. A mother who is small in stature will usually carry a smaller baby, even if her partner is tall.

Although boys tend to be a little heavier at birth, the birth weight and size does not determine their growth development into adulthood. Environmental factors can also have an impact, for instance, if you choose not to follow a healthy diet plan throughout your gestation, this can lead to malnourishment and a low birth-weight baby.

Smoking and second-hand smoke can effect the amount of oxygen and nutrient your baby receives which could even lead to a premature delivery. Pregnancy illnesses such as Diabetes can deliver you an over-sized child, while high blood pressure during pregnancy (Pre-Eclampsia) can deliver one that is under-sized. Genetic and dietary restrictions between people from different ethnic backgrounds can also influence your baby’s final birth-weight and size.

Rarely, the malfunctioning of the placenta, known as ‘placental insufficiency’, which is an infection or chromosomal defect can also hinder the baby’s growth or, quite simply, you may not even be 16 weeks pregnant yet. If you are concerned about the size of your ‘bump’ anyway, then simply contact your midwife who can check you over. There is nothing unusual about having a small bump, as long as the baby is developing healthily inside then this is all that matters.

Regardless of your exact size, one thing is for certain, you will have noticed that your waistline has disappeared and a lot of women revel in this blossoming roundness. This is when some women tend to be at their most beautiful as your skin will be retaining fluid, making it appear much softer and firmer along with increased blood flow giving you a nice rosy complextion, making your hair shine and your nails grow faster. This may be a good time to go and indulge in a little retail therapy and stock up on your maternity clothes, if you haven’t already done so. Sizes in maternity clothing will usually correspond to the original size you were before getting pregnant.

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During this trimester it is quite normal to experience a little light-headedness especially when you stand up too quickly. This is due to the way your pregnancy has changed the blood flow around your body as your heart rate will usually have increased by about 20%. You may find that you will also suffer a little constipation too as the progesterone hormone slows down your digestion and your bowel is being suppressed by your expanding uterus. Be sure to remain well hydrated and eat little and often to maintain energy levels.

If these spells of dizziness are a little more severe and they are combined with visual disturbances, headaches or even palpitations then be sure to advise your doctor who can check you over for anaemia or signs of possible pre-eclampsia. Also, if you are planning on having an Amniotic Fluid Test (AFT)- (also referred to as an ‘Amniocentesis Test‘) done, then being 16 weeks pregnant would be the ideal time for this to be carried out.

At 16 weeks pregnant your baby will be around 11.43cm (4.5”) in length and weigh roughly 108.5g (3.83 oz).

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