19 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

At 19 weeks pregnant, you are now well into your second trimester and this is usually around the time the a lot of women will lose most of their niggling pregnancy symptoms and actually begin to enjoy the journey of being pregnant. That said, there are still a couple of symptoms that may be prevalent such as hypotension, nasal congestion or even nosebleeds. The nosebleeds usually occur because the sensitive nasal tissue becomes inflamed by the progesterone hormone that is responsible for loosening up all the body’s ligament tissue to make pregnancy weight a little more comfortable to bear. If you are understandably concerned with your nosebleeds then simply contact your midwife and they will be able to advise on the best course of action for you to take.

Pregnancy 19 Weeks – Pregnancy Nosebleeds

By this stage, part of the enjoyment of being pregnant is experiencing that wonderful ‘blooming’ feeling that adds an extra glow to your skin tone and also improves the texture of your hair and nails as your baby is not consuming as much from you now that you have passed out of the embryonic stage. Hot flushes or a resurgence of adolescent acne can occur though. It is vital that you continue to consume around 300 extra calories each day in addition to your ‘normal’ dietary intake to maintain your increased energy, appetite and rapidly developing baby.

Hypotension (light-headedness) will sometimes occur when you change position or stand up too quickly. This low blood pressure is caused by the slowing down of the blood flow through the body, often as a result of your expanding uterus pressing against your heart’s aorta and vena cava vessels that transport to and from the heart around the body, also known as supine hypotension. Typically you can relieve the symptoms of dizziness or faintness of supine hypotension by lying on your side instead of your back. Either side you lay on will relieve the pressure on the large vessels and increase your blood flow back to your heart. In a few minutes, you will feel like yourself again.

Another cause of hypotension could be high or low blood sugar. This can often be remedied by eating small amounts of food regularly throughout the day and ensuring that you do not skip any essential meals. Remember to always pace yourself and take lots of essential rest breaks throughout the day, preferably with your feet elevated.

You may find that your center of gravity begins to shift around 18 or 19 weeks pregnant onward as the size of your fundus rides up toward your bellybutton and increases in weight. This ‘off-center’ weight will give you that famous ‘pregnancy waddle’. This may become a little less humorous to you as the third trimester of pregnancy beckons, when strained backache can become a real grind.

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