2 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

Even when you are only 2 weeks pregnant your body will already be releasing large amounts of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) hormone. This is the hormone that turns a home pregnancy test kit positive.

How do Pregnancy Test Kits Work?

Second Week Of Pregnancy

These kits consist of a highly absorbent wand that requires a sample of your urine. Simply remove the wand from its cartridge and place it under a stream of urine first thing in the morning for a few seconds then replace the wand back into its cartridge. Wait as directed. Once the sample is ready it will register whether the hCG hormone is present or not, thus confirming your pregnancy.

Although not all test kits look the same, they all work on the same principle. If there are two lines (or dots) showing (as in the diagram above) then you are, in fact, pregnant. If there is only one clear line or dot, then you are not. Many test kits will include a back-up test, just to be sure. If your test is showing a negative reading but you are convinced at this early stage that you may still be pregnant then it is best to wait around 19 days after you last had unprotected sex or until the first day after your next period was due. That way you can be certain of the result.

Other ways of confirming your pregnancy is by a blood test which will give you 100% confirmation from earlier than 2 weeks pregnant. A blood test is used sometimes if an ectopic pregnancy is suspected as the earlier this is detected, the less damage it will cause. An ultrasound can also be used to confirm pregnancy but this is usually only performed from about 6 weeks onwards and is mainly used to ‘confirm dates’ as opposed to the pregnancy itself. The old-fashioned way was an internal examination but this is no longer routinely performed.

Along with your softened uterus, your uterine muscles are also relaxing to prevent them from being able to contract and give birth, at any time throughout your gestation, in order to protect your growing fetus. The neck of your cervix will also naturally seal up with what’s known as the ‘mucus plug’ which will remain in place for the remainder of your pregnancy to protect the fetus and guard it from any infection. It will only release itself when your waters break and you are ready to go into labor.

All these changes happening in your body are as a result of the progesterone that is being secreted by the placenta to let the body know that you are now pregnant. In the coming days and weeks your body will now go into overdrive and this is when you will begin to experience your first signs of morning sickness.

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