23 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

You may begin to notice at 23 weeks pregnant that you get that pregnant belly button look where it begins to flatten out or even protrude. This is quite normal and there is not much you can do about it, it will correct itself usually within a couple of weeks after you have given birth. A lot of people wonder why exactly this happens to pregnant women but not those who are overweight. Pregnant women have rapid weight gain and as the solid wall of fluid in your uterus is not soft and fatty this causes your skin to stretch thin and your belly button to pop along with those overnight stretch marks.

Pregnancy 23 Weeks – Pregnant Belly Button

This will, as mentioned, correct itself soon enough, although in some cases once it has returned to its original position it may end up looking a little ‘worn-out’ – this is simply another ‘badge of honor’ to carry as you pride yourself on becoming a mother. You’ll also find that your uterus will be measuring up around the level of your navel by now too.

With all this stretching skin across your abdomen you may find that it begins to itch a little too – it’s nothing that some soothing, moisturizing cream can’t fix, however, if the itching proves to be severe around the arms, legs, abdomen and back then this could be a sign of Cholestasis. Cholestasis is not associated with having a rash so if you do have a rash then this may lean more towards an allergy or viral infection.

Always make time for yourself to rest throughout the day with your feet up as you may begin to notice that your ankles and various joints may start looking a little swollen from fluid retention caused by sluggish circulation. During your antenatal checks you will be checked over for any serious signs of swelling (also referred to as Edema). If you find yourself feeling unusually tired too it might be worth asking for a blood test to check your haemoglobin levels although this is usually carried out as part of your pregnancy care around week 28.

Pregnancy 23 weeks is a crucial development time for your baby’s teeth and bones so be sure to be eating foods that are rich in vitamin D such as oily fish, eggs, milk and cereal as these are essential ‘growth foods’ at this time. It is essential to also remain hydrated with plenty of water as your amniotic fluid is refreshing and replacing itself every few hours. Your baby will still be moving around a lot when you’re 23 weeks pregnant so not much attention will be paid to your baby’s position yet until around week 36.

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