28 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

Your state of mind may becoming a little more relaxed at 28 weeks pregnant as you are about to enter your third and final trimester. Apart from the usual boredom and achey back, now is the time to be thinking about some final preparations before the birth, the sorts of things you would not of had any time to consider during the earlier whirlwind months. Things such as taking antenatal classes, breastfeeding lessons (if desired), maternity leave preparations, devising a birthing plan and deciding what items you are going to include in your hospital bag list.

28 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect

One thing is for certain though….your life is changing and with that come changes to your personal circumstances and sometimes to the people around you. As you enter different life stages, you’ll find that you probably engage in different types of friendships, for example, through school, college and different jobs.

Friendships often develop with people who are at a similar stage in life to you. So during pregnancy, you may feel most comfortable with other pregnant women who can relate to exactly what you are going through. The best places to meet these people are at antenatal classes, postnatal classes and even toddler swimming or music classes.

As you make new friends, you may find your old relationships begin to change. Friends without children may find it difficult to understand your new role as a mother, and the intense love that you have for your child, and you may start to drift apart. Of course this is completely natural and understandable but is is not always the case; some friendships are unchanging, irrespective of whether your lives go along different paths.

Pregnancy Health

Sometime around 28 weeks pregnant you will have a blood test to test if you are anaemic and if so, you will be prescribed iron tablets to take. With an increase in the fluid content of your blood, your haemoglobin count is likely to fall later on in your pregnancy, so it is worth addressing this now. This same blood sample may also be used to re-check your blood group and rhesus status. If required, you may then be offered an anti-D injection with another scheduled for after the birth if your baby is rhesus positive.

About a quarter of first-time moms can develop high blood pressure during pregnancy. This can be an indication of Pre-Eclampsia, which if left untreated, can effect your liver and kidneys and possibly lead to the more serious condition of Eclampsia. If you are found to have high blood pressure at this stage in your pregnancy, then you will be closely monitored and possibly medicated until you are far enough along in your pregnancy to induce the birth.

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