3 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

At 3 weeks pregnant you may already be experiencing your first pregnancy symptoms such as tiredness but you may not yet know why you are feeling this way although you may have your suspicions. Pregnancy fatigue can pose a real problem for some women in the first and third trimesters especially if they are working or looking after young children already.

3rd Week Of Pregnancy – Fatigue

Of course, the most effective remedy for this symptom is sleep in these early pregnancy stages but this isn’t always practical. One way to boost your energy levels is to eat a balanced diet that consists of small, regular meals throughout the day. The first 6 weeks of the embryo’s development is vitally important so if you do suspect or know already that you are pregnant then try not to fight it too much as your body will already be working overtime. Considering that from the moment of conception, it takes just 12 weeks for a fully formed human embryo to develop from a single cell, after that it just needs to grow and mature in the incubator that is your body so no wonder you’re so worn out.

Tiredness in the early part of pregnancy is caused purely by those darn pregnancy hormones that act like a sedative on your body because making a baby is such hard work. As every pregnancy is different there are many suggestions as to how to combat this symptom. The truth is, it is not going to go away until you reach 12 weeks into your pregnancy and your baby begins a certain amount of it’s own self support.

Contrary to how you are feeling though, even when you’re 3 weeks pregnant, sometimes a little bit of light exercise such as swimming can re-energize you or eating slow burning energy foods such as pasta, rice, oats and wholegrain. Make sure you also have a fair intake of iron too as low levels of this in your system can lead to anaemia and the side effect of that is chronic lethargy. See your doctor for a blood test if you suspect that you may have an iron deficiency.

The second trimester will see you return to your old self again with a new revived sense of vigor but the pregnancy tiredness will usually return again in the third trimester, but this time it is more to do with the weight that you are supporting and carrying around and you’re inability to get a good night’s sleep due to the baby’s constant movements and your uncomfortable size.

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