30 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

Many women around 30 weeks pregnant can begin to feel a little anxious of their impending birth and some worry they may even enter into premature labor. By now though, you will most probably have given some thought to the type of birth you are going to have. There are many different considerations on the type of birth you have and the final decision is always a personal one.

You are probably experiencing that famous pregnancy ‘waddle’ by now, shifting from side to side, finding it increasing difficult to walk straight as your central balance has been skewed by your excessive mid-weight. A lot of the usual pregnancy niggles you may have in late pregnancy will usually still be prevalent around this week such as sciatica, breathlessness, heartburn, backache, tiredness and swollen joints.

You will have high levels of progesterone in your body and many women, by now, have already began to experience leaky breasts and another dramatic increase in their size as you are producing the pre-milk, known as colostrum. This ‘first milk’ is thick in texture and contains all the antibodies and nutrients required to nourish and maintain your baby’s healthy immune at birth. If this leaking is proving to be an issue with you then you may simply think about wearing bra pads.

Your joints will also begin to loosen up now as Mother Nature prepares you for her delivery. Now would also be a good time, ladies, to ensure that you have everything organized in your hospital bag (just in case).

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