4 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

By the time you are 4 weeks pregnant you should by now be experiencing a whole catalogue of the very early signs of pregnancy symptoms, famously referred to as “morning sickness”, although for some women it may as well be called ‘all day vomiting’. Up to 30% of women will not experience any of this at all and will wonder what all the fuss is about. It goes without saying now that some very serious life changing plans and habits will need re-assessing in order for you to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

4th Week Of Pregnancy

Along with your usual morning sickness symptoms at 4 weeks pregnant, your body will also now be experiencing changes in blood pressure, digestive system and senses such as taste and smell. It’s not uncommon for a simple thing like brushing your teeth or the smell of your own favorite perfume igniting an uncontrollable sense of nausea that can have you running to bond with your bathroom.

Frequent urination is also quite normal in the first and third trimesters, obviously later on in your pregnancy it is understandable that you will frequently pass urine as your uterus is the size of a house and is pressing down on your bladder but why does this happen in the first trimester as well? Again, it’s to do with those pregnancy hormones, when your body was first informed that you were pregnant, it suddenly believed that it was suffering from ‘pelvic congestion’ due to all the changes going on so in order to safe guard the embryo it forces you to empty your bladder more often. This will calm down after a few weeks once your body has got used to the idea and has figured out it’s new working order.

You may also want to know why your breasts suddenly become so swollen and tender, this is quite simply because they are getting ready to feed your baby. The tenderness comes from the fact that you are now rapidly developing milk producing cells along with milk ducts and in order for anything to grow or repair in the body it needs a good supply of oxygenated blood hence the increased blood flow to that area too. In some cases they can become too painful to touch, but rest assure that this is normal but in the meantime you can offer greater support by investing in a good, supportive maternity bra. The tenderness will ease up in a few weeks.

Heartburn is another wonderfully unpleasant side effect of being pregnant, again this happens mainly in the first and last trimester. The hormone progesterone, that relaxes all your body’s ligaments, is responsible for this as it too relaxes the muscle that prevents stomach acid from splashing up into the oesophagus. Later in pregnancy it is caused by your large uterus pushing upwards.

If you haven’t already done so then it is time to inform your doctor that you may be up to 4 weeks pregnant and arrange your first routine evaluation. This usually takes place around the 8th week unless you have any known medical conditions that need addressing.
Simply speaking, extra protein and carbohydrate is what’s needed in your diet now, protein for the developing embryo and carbohydrate energy for you.

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