6 Weeks Pregnant – Mother’s Progress

If an ultrasound were to be carried out when you are 6 weeks pregnant you would be able to determine if you were carrying twins or not, however, it would not be possible to discern the sex as yet. The video below shows you what your embryo would look like on a 6 week ultrasound.

6 Week Ultrasound

Up to a quarter of women will experience some form of light bleeding even after the pregnancy has been confirmed. Of course this can be of great anguish, however, it is suprisingly quite common.
The medical term for this first trimester bleeding is Metrorrhagia but you will often hear it referred to as Spotting. There are a variety of reasons why spotting may occur:

  • As the embryo attaches and grows finger-like trentricles to embed itself into the lining of your uterus this can quite often cause a small amount of blood loss.
  • It often occurs around the time a woman was due to have her period as her hormone levels are not quite high enough yet to prevent that initial blood loss from occuring.
  • ‘Cervical erosion’ sounds a little frightening but it is actually a harmless process some women will experience where the cervix will naturally replenish its cells making it prone to some bleeding.
  • A little light spotting is fairly common after sex although it can be quite alarming to some.
  • Urine or vaginal infections can also be attributed to episodes of bleeding.

Of course not all spotting is going to be completely harmless so it is worth understanding the warning signs. As long as the bleeding is not accompanied by any cramping or stabbing pains then this would normally be much less of a worry even though blood loss can sometimes be a little heavy too. Even as early as 6 weeks pregnant, spotting with pain could be an indication of a potential pregnancy loss. Later in pregnancy, bright red blood loss may well be a sign of problems with the placenta in which case you will require medical treatment or it could indicate the onset of labor.

Whether your spotting is light or heavy and accompanied with pain or not, you should always mention all episodes of spotting to your midwife in order for them to examine, reassure or advise you. Don’t jump to any conclusions before consulting your doctor as there can be many natural, non-eventful reasons for spotting to occur.

Note: If you were to have an Ectopic Pregnancy (also referred to as a Tubular Pregnancy) then it would normally be around this time (up to 10 weeks) that it will be established.

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