Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant Car Seat

Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant Car Seat, Confetti Aruba

evenflo infant car seat

The Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant Car Seat provides your child with the comfort they deserve along with great convenience features for parents. This seat, along with all other Evenflo car seats, meets or exceeds all applicable United States Federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact test standards.

The exclusive carryRight Z handle’s ergonomic shape allows for comfortable carrying. The 5-point harness securely fastens your child, while the stay in car base allows the car seat to easily come in and out of the vehicle. The discovery 5 Infant seat also includes a pivoting canopy, removable and washable pad, two piece chest clip and latch connectors.

Evenflo discovery 5 Infant Car can be used rear-facing only for children 5-22 pounds, and at least 19″ in length. Installed correctly, this seat may be used with or without the base.

  • Side impact teseted
  • Ergonomic carryright Z handle
  • 5 point harness
  • Energy absorbing foam liner
  • Rear facing only, 5-22 pounds
  • Side impact tested
  • Ergonomic carry right Z handle
  • 5 point harness
  • Energy absorbing foam liner
  • Rear facing only, 5-22 pounds
  • More info…


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Question by Jojo: does all baby car seats need a base to put in the car?
hi i’m gonna be a first time mum and was wondering if every baby’s car seat needs one of those bases you can get? Does it depend on what type of car seat im getting? Or is it there for extra safety? obviously i’ll get one if it means my baby will be more secure in a car crash. Hope you can help. Many thanks. just to clarify, do i need a baby’s car seat and a base??

Answer by Common Sense Is Dead
You cannot put just a carrier in the car, it has to have a base- thats what holds it in place during a crash.

I think back in the 90’s they had some that you could just strap in on their own- but it was a slightly different design, and still incredibly unsafe.

Customer Reviews

Photobucketgreat price, straps are a bit cumbersome
By C. Bauermeister
This has been a great car seat for our little girl & the price sure did help this out; however, the harness straps are a bit difficult to get tight enough on her body. I’m sure over time these will get less stiff & easier to tighten, but with a newborn a person wants to be extra gentle anyway.

PhotobucketGreat car seat for up to 22 lbs.
By Melissa Smith
This car seat is so cute and perfect for my first baby girl. The bases for this car seat are around $30, so I bought one for my husband and baby sitter. Also, I got another car seat just like this one at Wal-mart in a different color. All the car seats and bases are interchangeable.

The straps are very easy to adjust, and if you use the latch system, the car seat is easy to install. I just drove my car to the fire department and they installed it for free.

PhotobucketMore than just a car seat
By daniholt
Just bought this car seat a few weeks ago for our daughter who came home from the hospital almost a month after she was born due to a heart condition that required her to have open heart surgery at a week old. As far as car seats go, this one is amazing.

Not only is it adorable, durable and easy to hold, but it makes me feel so much better to have her in a car seat that doesn’t jostle her when we are walking or driving thanks to all the padding and sturdy design. For a delicate baby like ours, or any baby for that matter, this is perfect.


Congratulations by the way!
Car seats that use bases are usually ones that form part of a travel system. For example if you buy the Quinny Buzz pushchair, you can get the Quinny Dreami carrycot and the Max-Cosi car seat plus base.

It is worth remembering that you should keep baby in a rear facing car seat for as long as possible for their safety and not many (if any) seats that use bases are rear facing. If you want to see why I suggest you watch the video at the site below where you will find a lot of other useful info about car seats in general as well.

Other than that, ISOFIX car seats have been suggested to be the most safe as they eliminate the user incorrectly fitting the seat (one of the major causes of injury in a collision). The Britax Duo Plus is an award winning ISOFIX seat reviewed in the link below. Have also added a Quinny site that explains about the travel system if it’s of any use.
Good luck with the baby!


Infant car seats usually have a base to them. We got a travel system for our daughter and it had a base to it. The best car seat to get is the convertible ones. Because if you get the infant ones you are going to have to buy another car seat when they have reached 25 lbs or has out grown in height wise. A convertible car seat is usually good from birth to about 3 yrs I think. We went out and bought one for our daughter when she out grew her infant car seat and she loves it.

Its a graco durango car seat I believe. Now we are expecting twins and Im going to get both babies a convertible car seat. Unless we decide to buy one more travel system for like going to the store and stuff. That is about the only thing they are really good for. You dont have to worry about putting the baby in a dirty buggy.. Depends on how much you want to spend on car seats for the first couple years..

Bay Bomber **Carson’s Mumm

There are seats which you don’t have to attach to the base. It will say specifically in the instruction manual if that particular car seat is one of them, so you’ll have to read that over. There are, however, a lot of car seats produced now that do not allow for use without the base. I know mine does have the option, but I personally find it’s too much of a hassle to get the angle of the car seat right every time I want to take her out.

With my base, my car seat technician has already inspected it and made sure it was installed correctly, tightly enough, and at the correct angle. This of course isn’t an issue if you plan on leaving the seat in the car, but I find it’s soooo easy to just click the baby in the car seat into the base when you’re set to go.

If you do purchase an infant seat which doesn’t require a base, here’s a helpful video to watch on the installation. Of course, when you leave the hospital, the car seat tech should assist you in making sure it’s installed properly, but the video is helpful if you want to do it on your own down the road: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9BdYRVu90g


In the UK, no they don’t have to have a base to clip onto. (Not sure about US or other countries.) The bases are basically just a convenience item, because they remain fastened in the car all the time and the seat just clips onto and off from them.

There definitely isn’t a safety issue, other than possibly that you don’t have to break your fingers trying to tighten the seat belt to its maximum every time you put baby in the car, and failure to tighten the belt sufficiently does compromise the safety of the seat in the event of an accident.

The clip on/off base option is also a LOT easier if you have a 3 door car with a passenger airbag, for example, where access to the rear seat is difficult, and baby can’t travel in the front because of the airbag. That said, there are some infant car seats that are not suitable for use without the base, but most give you the option.


My carseat does not require a base – it is a Cosco Scenera. It also does not have a removable infant carrier feature – it’s just for in the car. All carseats on the market today must meet stringent safety regulations, so any seat that you purchase (provided it is installed correctly) is just fine.

Princess Ninja

The bases are just for convenience, so that you can snap the carseat in and out as needed without disturbing your baby or fussing with the buckle. It’s not safer, but it isn’t less safe either. The LATCH system, which most newer model american cars have and is now required, is also just as safe as using a seatbelt, because it restrains the carseat in certain key points (at the base of the carseat and at the top for forward facing seats to prevent forward motion) and doesn’t move like a seatbelt would.

Honestly, it’s a hassle to put the base in the car the first time you do, but it is nice to be able to snap him in and out. Once you do it right one time, you may only have to make minor adjustments and don’t have to worry if the angle is right so much. The angle is very important, so if you can’t get it right with the base, you shouldn’t use it, and vice versa.
And I’ve only seen the infant seats with bases, like, the ones that are only rear facing. I don’t think they make forward facing ones with bases.


The base is made for safety and convienance. It’s safer in a crash because the base makes the infant seat more secure. It’s more convienant b/c you don’t need to buckle in every time, the base stays in, and all you need to do is connect the seat to the base (most just lock in when you put them in).

So no fumbling with seatbelts or harnesses. Some car seats are made without bases. Most car seats can be used with a standard seatbelt even without the base (Not as safe doing it this way though), so I would only recommend doing this in a “Must” situation.

Some of the convertible car seats, have bases on them that offer a recline feature and can be removed….Removing these bases does not change the saftey of the seat. For example, my Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 convertible seat. Has a recline base, but in the rear facing position, the car seat with the base did not fit well in my car.

These particular seats, the base can be removed without changing the safety…the base on this is purely for comfort. Every seat is different. You need to look into the manufacturer’s recommendations for the installation regarding a base or seatbelt installation and it’s safety. Best of luck, hope this was helpful!


I would check with your local car seat safety installers/inspection places, but when my son was born 16 months ago, we were told yes. We tend to take trips into NY alot and asked if it was okay so we could use cabs when he was really young. We were told that the seats all though made to fit in the base, they do have the “strap or seat belt” holder type thing on the top going over the baby abd the seat. I wouldn’t receommend doing it for a long period of time, but I do believe that you can still do this.


You need whatever the seat is designed to be used with. Some baby car seats have bases and some don’t. And some can be used with or without the base. The base isn’t really there for safety. It’s there because it’s a PITA to get the seatbelt tight enough round an infant seat every single time you put it in the car.

If you strap the base in, you can leave it there and just clip the seat in and out. Also, it prevents people from doing dangerous things like strapping the seat in forward facing.