Pregnancy Week 10 – The Baby’s Progress

You may have a scan around pregnancy week 10 to determine pregnancy due date and it is during this scan that they will be able to confirm how many babies you are carrying. The sonographer will work out your due date by determining the precise measurements of the fetus. If you are having twins though, your own self judgement may have already confirmed this for you as (morning sickness symptoms) usually tend to be a little more severe.

10 Week Scan Can Also Be Carried Out

The sonographer will also use the doppler test, which emits low frequency sound waves that bounce off red blood cells, to determine the baby’s growth rate, how fast the blood flow and pressure is, how strong the baby’s heartbeat is and how well the placenta is working. The heartbeat will sound like it’s beating unnaturally fast but this is normal as it will be beating at around 150 beats/minute. This will gradually slow as the baby ages. These high amplitude, low frequency waves are not harmful to your baby. It is said that if the mother laughs then the baby’s heartbeat increases in tune with her.

Your baby is now floating in around 50ml of amniotic fluid and this volume will peak in the eighth month to around 1 litre. The amniotic fluid has a higher temperature than your body to keep them warm and although it will contain a range of substances from lactic, fatty and amino acids to protein, salts and fructose, most of the fluid will in fact, be sterile urine from the baby in the coming weeks.

The liver will now take over the job of producing blood cells and secreting bile in pregnancy week 10, a job that was normally carried out by the cells in the yolk sac. The bile is a thick, brown-green liquid that contains cholesterol, pigments and bile salts. The toes are no longer webbed and nails will begin to grow from the nail beds.

The umbilical cord is now fully developed on your 10 week fetus, complete with 3 blood vessels that connect the placenta to the baby’s naval. Two of the vessels are arteries that carry blood from the baby to the placenta and the third vessel is a vein that returns the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood from the placenta back to the baby. At full term, the cord will be around 50cm in length and about 1-1.5cm thick. The muscles inside the intestinal tract will also begin to flex and contract as it begins practising the processes of future digestion.

In pregnancy week 10 your baby will now measure around 1.65″ (42 mm) crown to rump (the size of a small fruit) and will weigh approximately 0.18 oz (5 g).


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