Pregnancy Week 11 – The Baby’s Progress

By pregnancy week 11 your baby’s intestinal tract is now able to process her fluid intake although her main source of nutrient throughout the entire pregnancy will always come from the placenta. The earlier developments of the thyroid and pancreas continue to grow in preparation for hormone production.

Your baby’s reflexes are developing well so she will ‘swim’ away if she senses any disturbances outside the womb, like someone prodding against the belly, and if you were able to touch the palm of her hand, she would now curl her fingers up into a little fist. Sockets for all 20 teeth are now formed in the gum line.

The genitalia is all in place now but is still not fully formed….

Determining The Gender Of Your 11 Week Fetus

Boy or Girl?

The sex of the embryo was already established at the time of conception, this is determined by whether the egg is fertilized by the X or Y version of the chromosome provided by the sperm.
Each parent provides 23 chromosomes which come together to form a cell containing 46 chromosomes altogether. The mother’s egg is always the X chromosome but the sperm is either X or Y.

If the egg is fertilized by the X chromosome then she will have a girl and if her egg is fertilized by the Y chromosome then she will have a boy.

  • XX = Girl
  • XY = Boy

Blue or Brown eyes?

The brown gene is considered dominant and the blue gene recessive. The brown also covers such colors as hazel and the blue covers grey and light greens. If one of the parents presents the brown gene then the child will have brown colorings, if both parents present the blue dna genes then it is not possible for the child to have brown eyes, however, if both parents have brown eyes but both have a parent with blue eyes then they will both be carrying the recessive blue gene, if these 2 genes are combined then the child will amazingly have blue eyes to brown eyed parents.

Your chances of suffering a miscarriage are now greatly diminished as you approach the end of your first trimester. Your baby’s development is not as vulnerable to environmental risks even though she is still only the size of a lime with thin, wrinkled and transparent skin. During the second trimester is when she will begin to develop fat cells beneath the skin that will aid further weight gain.

By pregnancy week 11 your baby will now measure around 2.09” (53 mm) crown to rump and will weigh approximately 0.53oz (15 g).

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