Pregnancy Week 19 – The Baby’s Progress

As you have more or less reached your halfway mark in pregnancy week 19 and things may have settled down a little for you, your baby is still working very hard towards the day when he is going to finally meet you.

Pregnancy at 19 Weeks – 4D Scan

Baby development week by week is now advancing even further as additional complex circuitry of specialized neural and sensory functions are undertaken. This week will see the brain mature further and uniformly bring the 5 sensory perceprions of hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling and touching together. So as his nervous system continues on it’s engineered path of sophistication, his movements will continue to become more fluid. Part of this neural development will also engage your baby into thinking cycles of learning and remembering.

As science and the practises of medicine have become more advanced over the years it is no longer medically accepted that an unborn is simply an undeveloped blank canvas with no personality. Just like the determination of gender in utero, the circuitry for their individual personality has also been hard-wired. Believe it or not, he will already have his own firm set of likes and dislikes, albeit they may be simple, rudimentary traits of his future personality.

He will enjoy things such as rhythmic movement, the sound of his mother’s voice, calming music and his new sense of touch as you give him a soft, circular massage through your skin. This will make him snuggle up closer to the wall of your womb. Among the things he will not like are strong, flashing lights along with loud, thumping noise, jerky, sudden movements and being cramped or uncomfortable if you are sitting or lying in an awkward position that doesn’t suit him.

As your baby now has a sense of perception, it is vitally important to be in tune. Always be thinking positive, happy thoughts as it is a proven fact that your baby will be feeling exactly what you’re feeling, be it happy, sad or anxious as the chemical hormone of your emotion will be released into your bloodstream and cross the placenta to your baby although there is no proof, medically, that this will have any physical impact on him.

If he finds his world inside the uterus a calming and reassuring place then he is likely to develop a more positive, trusting and happier personality. On the other hand, if his experience has been stressful or frightening at times, then it makes sense that he could likely develop a more anxious approach to life.

All this growing and your baby’s development up to pregnancy week 19 will see your him measuring around 6” (15.2 cm) now and weighing in at approximately 8.2 oz (232 g).

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