Pregnancy Week 27 – The Baby’s Progress

By pregnancy week 27 there is not much going on in the way of change with your baby as all the major organs are now developed, however, the lungs and the digestive tract are still immature, the eyes should still be fused shut and there is not yet sufficient amounts of body fat for the baby to make a smooth transition into the world just yet.

Pregnancy at 27 Weeks

You may still feel sharp movements from your baby throughout the third trimester as your bump heaves and bulges with their activity. Some babies may have already adopted the head down position at this early stage and consequently move less as a result of their increasing size. If he is still laying bottom down or transversely across the womb, however, then this is perfectly ok as there is still plenty of time to get into the birthing position. Some babies engage as late as the early stage of labor but this is nothing for you to concern yourself with at this stage.

Your 27 week fetus should now have around 300 ossified bones in his body and getting stronger by the day as he builds more muscle mass from all the working out he’s been doing. He would have roughly an 80% chance of survival if he were born this week (given the right amount of specialist care) even though he is still unable to breathe unaided or regulate his own body temperature outside of the womb due to his very low percentage of body fat. Although he will look like a newborn now, he will still be a lot smaller and less plump.

Undersized babies that are ‘small for dates’ (also referred to as ‘small for gestational age’, ‘intrauterine growth restriction’ or ‘fetal growth retardation’) will usually be detected around this time. If your baby is suspected to be smaller than average you will be offered some ultrasound scans to monitor his growth. These scans can be used to check the blood flow through the placenta to the baby to ensure that it is working efficiently. You may also require more frequent antenatal checks.

By the end of pregnancy week 27, your fundus should be getting rather large by now and will measure roughly 11” from top to bottom. Your baby’s growth spurt which happens around weeks 24-28 should start to slow down after this week but he will still measure around 14” (35.6 cm) and weigh in at approximately 2.25lbs (1.02 kg).

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