Pregnancy Week 30 – The Baby’s Progress

If your baby were to be born during pregnancy week 30 he would have a good 90% chance of survival despite still having undeveloped lungs and immune system. Once born these would simply continue to develop and mature naturally, although in the meantime he would require incubator care to keep warm and artificial breathing aid. The disappearing lanugo (fine body hair), by now, is visible mainly around the neck and shoulders. As your baby increases in size, it can become a little cramped for him too and you may feel him wriggle vigorously if you are in a position that doesn’t suit him or even see arm or leg move across your belly as he punches or kicks at the sides of your uterus.

Pregnancy 30 Weeks

Although there is a lot of movement still going on, your baby, and yourself, are well protected by all the amniotic fluid that surrounds him. All this wriggling and kicking though is an assuring way for a mother to stay in tune with her pregnancy although this may be one of the last week’s that he is able to move freely, doing his little somersaults, as very soon he is going to take a head-down position in preparation for birth.

Throughout your pregnancy, your placenta has been transmitting antibodies to your baby, protecting him against any disease or illness although his own immune system will begin developing itself by this week, along with his lungs, which will be displaying a much more matured breathing rhythm as the little air sacs prepare themselves for their first intake of air. His bone marrow has now also completely taken over the job of making new red blood cells for him.

As his eyelids are now fully open he is not only able to see but focus too as his eyeballs are now fully developed although he will not reach 20/20 vision until he is in his toddler years. A newborn usually has a field vision of around 20-25cm (8-9”). The tear ducts are now fully formed and able to produce tears. If you are expecting a boy then around pregnancy week 30 his testes will begin to descend first into the groin and then into the scrotum from their original position near the kidneys. Premature boys will normally have undescended testicles.

The intestinal tract of your 30 week fetus will also be in the final stages of development ready for forming his first waste products (known as meconium) that will be released in his first bowel movement upon being born. This week his brain will fold over and fill the skull and his brain cells and nerve circuits will be linked together with a fatty sheath forming around his nerves in order to protect them. He is also continuing to develop his swallowing and sucking skills that he’ll need once he is born.

By the end of this week he will be around 17.5″ (44.5cm) and weigh about 3.25lbs (1.48kg).

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