Pregnancy Week 31 – The Baby’s Progress

By pregnancy week 31 your baby’s face will begin to look much rounder now as the fatty deposits become far reaching throughout the whole body now. This entire trimester is all about your 31 week fetus gaining weight now and developing his immune system, lungs and intestinal tract. His body fat will now account for 3-3.5% of his entire body and by the time he is born it will be around 15%.

Pregnancy at 31 Weeks

Although you may find that your baby may not move as much now you can be rest assured that they are snug and comfortable within their protective watery sac even though there may not be as much room to move around as there once was due to their ever growing size. She may adopt a more fetal position now with her arms crossed, knees up and chin resting down onto her chest.

Throughout your antenatal checks in the third trimester they will be constantly assessing the level of amniotic fluid that is surrounding your baby. This needs to be closely monitored as too little or too much fluid can be a sign of complication. An excess amount of fluid is known as Polyhydramnios could be an indication that your baby is not swallowing enough fluid due to a gastrointestinal obstruction. Not having enough amniotic fluid surrounding your baby is known as Oligohydramnios and could be an indication of problems with the kidneys or the urinary tract. Thankfully, these conditions occur very rarely. They will also check the position of your baby by palpating (feeling) the abdomen although this is not of much concern yet at this stage.

250Mg of calcium will be soaked up by your baby everyday now as their bones continue to harden in the run up to birth. It is vital, therefore, that you increase your calcium intake at this stage otherwise your baby will leach the calcium from you. This can cause problems with your own teeth and bones, also leaving you with very brittle looking hair. Good sources of calcium can be found in dairy, such as milk and cheese, sesame seeds and brocolli. Your baby will also be building up their own stores of iron now too.

By the end of pregnancy week 31 your baby will measure around 18.25″ (46.4 cm) and weigh in at around 3.6 lbs (1.64 kg).

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