Pregnancy Week 32 – The Baby’s Progress

Although every baby develops differently, by pregnancy week 32 some babies may already have a full head of hair while others may still be bald. Thick hair at birth doesn’t necessarily mean thick hair later in life but having thin hair at birth will usually mean thin hair later. By now, the testicles of most male babies will have descended into position although up to two thirds of babies can be born with them still undescended. This will usually correct itself within the first year after birth.

32 weeks pregnancy

As the countdown to birth continues, your baby is fast developing fat deposits all over their body now and is beginning to acquire some of those cute chubby rolls of baby fat that appear around the arms and top of the legs. This final rapid weight gain in your baby, which will see him gaining around a third of his final body weight, will cause you to gain around 1lb per week from now up until birth.

Don’t worry too much about the weight that you are gaining in these next few weeks as at least half of that will be going to your baby, developing placenta and amniotic fluid. Just be sure that you stick to your normal healthy eating plan and cut out junk and unhealthy nibble food, however tempting it may feel.

Your baby now looks, acts and feels like a tiny human being with fully developed teeth buds under the gumline and fully grown toe and fingernails that enable the baby to actually scratch themselves. Their eyes will now open and close during sleep and wake cycles.

Pregnancy at 32 weeks will see your baby measuring up to 19″ (48.3cm) and weigh in at around 4lbs (1.82kg).

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