Pregnancy Week 33 – The Baby’s Progress

By pregnancy week 33, the bones in your baby’s skull remain soft and will not yet fuse together. This pliability can allow the bones to overlap to enable your baby to make a safe descent down the narrow birth canal. It can be somewhat startling for first time mother’s to find that their newborn has a ‘cone-shaped’ head post birth for a few days but this is completely normal and will re-shape itself within the coming days. This is where grandmas home-made knitted hat comes in handy.

Pregnancy at 33 Weeks

As there is not much room left for your baby to move around in there, the movement that you feel now may be in the form of wriggles and limb movement. The torso may have settled into a single position by now. Your midwife will constantly check the position of your baby and will closely monitor it if it remains in a ‘feet down’ (breech) position, although this is not important until the final stages of pregnancy as the baby can still rotate into position during the labor stages.

Most babies, however, will drop into the birth position around week 32-36 although around 20% can still remain in the breech position at around 28 weeks. Statistically, around 3-4% of babies will remain breech until birth.

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ECV (External Cephalic Version) is a method applied to turn the position of the baby before birth. This does reduce the need for a caesarean section and all women after 37 weeks should be offered ECV if their baby is still lying ‘feet first’. Although the term may sound a little daunting, it simply means a specialist massaging of your abdomen in order to turn the baby and it has up to a 65% success rate.

By the end of pregnancy week 33 your baby will measure up to 19.25″ (48.9cm) and weigh in at around 4.5lbs (2.05kg).

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