Pregnancy Week 34 – The Baby’s Progress

If this is your first pregnancy then by pregnancy week 34 your baby will probably ‘engage’ at this point (assume their ‘head-down’ position). Second or subsequent pregnancies may not engage until actual labor begins. During your regular check ups with your midwife you may notice 2/5 or 3/5 engaged written in your notes. Engagement is assessed in ‘fifths palpable’ so if your midwife can feel three-fifths of your baby’s head, that means that two-fifths is engaged.

Pregnancy 34 Weeks

If your baby’s head does engage during this week, you may notice that your bump has dropped quite low, although it may be harder to walk, consequently adopting the famous ‘pregnancy waddle’ on the plus side you may find it easier to breathe with the ability to eat more than before without the usual gastric discomfort.

It is always a good sign if the baby’s head does engage naturally as this shows that your pelvis is large enough to enable a natural birth. If your baby can fit into your pelvis through the bony brim, then it can also move naturally out of the pelvis too.

During these later stages of pregnancy development it is not possible to give an exact size and weight measurement for your pregnancy as every baby is now very unique at this stage and their size and weight can depend on many different factors, such as genetics, the mother and/or baby’s health, the mother’s lifestyle and diet during her trimesters, etc, so weight and measurements are only a general and average guideline. Do not be concerned if you feel that you baby does not fall within these. Your midwife will be keeping an ever watchful eye on you and your baby’s progress.

By the end of pregnancy week 34 your baby will measure up to 19.5″ (49.5cm) and weigh in at around 5lbs (2.27kg).

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