Pregnancy Week 37 – The Baby’s Progress

Congratulations, in pregnancy week 37, as you approach the end of your 3rd trimester, you are now officially considered ‘full term’. Welcome to the ‘waiting game’. Feelings during this time can vary widely between women. Some can return to feeling utterly exhausted all the time with all the extra weight they are carrying around (this is where those earlier pregnancy exercises will come in handy) while others can experience a whole new lease of life, seeing a return of their appetites and energy levels as the baby has become self sufficient now and is no longer draining away all of your most vital nutrients and minerals. If you are expecting twins, then the wait could well be over for you this week as the average gestation for twins is 37 weeks.

Pregnancy 37 Weeks

Your baby will now pretty much spend all of their time in cycles of sleeping, dreaming, waking, moving and sleeping again. You may even find that you come to identify with these. Twins have even known to become quite playful with each other at this stage. Twins have been filmed pre-birth where one baby will pat the wall of the abdomen, sending sound vibrations across to the other baby who will respond by patting back.

As you have now reached full term, the weight you are carrying can offset your center of gravity making movement slow and arduous. Nevertheless, many women will begin to experience a phenomenon known as ‘nesting’. This is a final preparation for the baby’s arrival and can see the mother wanting to clean the house literally from ceiling to floor, spring cleaning in a way that appears out of character, such as whitewashing walls, carpets, curtains, windows, inside the oven, fridge and every dusty corner reachable.

By the end of pregnancy week 37 your baby will measure up to 20.25″ (51.4cm) and weigh in at around 6.6lbs (3kg).

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