24 Weeks Pregnant

At 24 weeks pregnant a lot of women find their anxiety and worry pattern begins to shift knowing the baby is reaching survival mode outside of the womb, the realization that the birth is imminent can bring a whole new set of anxieties as suddenly there is a lot to and very little time left to do it.

These anxieties can quite often play themselves out through vivid dreams. It is important to relax and take things one day at a time and sometimes a reassuring cuddle for your partner may be all you need in order to alleviate your worries.

24 Weeks Pregnant

Short term memory can be effected in later pregnancy so be sure to write things down such as your next antenatal appointment and discuss openly any concerns you may have with your midwife.

Don’t feel too concerned at this stage if you think that your ‘bump’ seems to be a little small for 24 weeks pregnant as every pregnancy is different and women vary in the amount of weight they put on.
Your size will depend on many factors such as your carriage size, build, stature and the amount of amniotic fluid you are carrying. The most important thing is the actual size of your baby, your midwife will check this by ultrasound scanning and if they are not concerned then you should not be either.

For a healthy pregnancy always make sure that you are drinking plenty of water and eating fibre-rich foods, such as wholegrain cereals, fruit and vegetable to avoid constipation.
These next few weeks are important in the development of your baby’s brain so you need to ensure that your diet contains important ‘brain foods’ such as essential fatty acids which can be found in oily fish like sardines and seeds such as linseed and sunflower.

Stress incontinence, Sciatica, heartburn and breathlessness are the usual mix of pregnancy ailments you can expect to have around this stage of your pregnancy.

Headaches are commonplace too due to hormonal changes, however, if your headaches are severe or you are having any visual disturbances then this could be associated with your blood pressure (Pre-Eclampsia)and will require medical attention.

If you are suffering from insomnia, this can be caused by your over energetic unborn or simply your growing size in which case you may, if you haven’t already done so, think about investing in a pregnancy pillow which can still come in very handy post natal too.

It has been said that sleeping on your left side helps to maximise your blood flow and nutrients to the placenta and helps your kidneys to function better too, although naturally, this won’t necessarily aid your comfort. By this point your bump is usually around a 4-finger width above your navel and the same below your ribcage, hence the discomfort.

Some babies may already be taking the ‘head-down’ position by the time you are 24 weeks pregnant, but if not, there is still plenty of time for him to turn.

Your approximate overall weight gain by this stage is usually around 8kg (17.6 lbs).

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