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Safety 1st Infant Car Seat, Nordica

safety 1st infant car seat

Let baby rule the road with the Safety 1st infant car seat! The state-of-the-art construction will give parents the peace of mind when it comes to baby’s safety on the road, and, with a comfortable, snug fit, baby will surely love the quick or long trips!

Features: Rear facing 5-22 lbs. Side Impact Protection 5-point harness with upfront harness adjustment Adjustable base Infant head insert 4 harness heights 2 buckle positions to fit your growing baby.


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Question by Tiffiny B: Are Graco baby car seats compatible with Chicco strollers?
I have a Snugride Graco car seat and I wonder if it will fit on a Chicco Cortina stroller.

Answer by God answers all questions
it should do

Baby Car Seat Covers

With business world today, manufacturers are making diverse products to vend in the market. They are in hunt of things that would be practical as well as profitable to the customers. Building and evaluating the company’s various kinds of goods is part of the work. The products they have tailored are the baby car seat covers which are essential for the babies’ protection and console. Manufacturers have well thought-out the idea that each day a baby is born and they would surely make it an outlook that the parents of those babies they will buy their products.

Usually, seat covers have designs that must be attractive enough to show that the product is beautiful, cute and could give a stunning look to babies. What are common with the baby car seat covers are the colors which are vibrant in nature like blue, green and pink. These colors of the fabric are favorite colors of an infant having the appropriate age. The designs that are commonly made with these baby car seat covers are eye-catching. Hence, cartoon characters are considered to be the all time favorites of babies.

From time to time, you can’t easily acquire the baby car seat covers you are searching for which has the similar trademark or form of your car seat. There are car seats which are produced and designed in a fashioned way where it typically fits on any car seat. But these seat covers are of modified fit and designed for your specific car seat. They are nicely fitted and would work as what the item is intended to do. Its work is to retain the car seat’s beauty even with the spit ups, spills or other usual occurrences that happen as the baby develops and grows. These seat covers are abundant in the market where unique manufacturers are the source.

But what matters most with car seat covers are not about the look and the adorable, delightful colors. Baby car seat covers are meant to defend your child from danger due to any loose accessories or items that can be the source of harm to the child. Loose fitting covers, can slip and pull on the infant or worse, make the child’s alignment off-center and injure the baby rather than for protecting it. The stitching is also significant, for durability of the baby car seat covers are unquestionable. The stitching is doubly essential if the parent along with their children stay in areas with ruthless winters, or rainy climates. Seat covers are significantly prepared to tolerate moisture.

The important role of baby car seat covers is guarding your child from any damage or injury that may arise anytime. Parents can’t watch over their infant most of the time especially when they are driving to get to a specific place. These car seats along with the covers ensure the child is in place and won’t get the baby into any trouble. It is the challenge then for the manufacturers to innovate new model of car seats as well as seat covers that is risk-free for the babies.

Therefore, parents should decide which baby car seat covers are paramount for their babies that could serve their function. It must be dependable of its quality over its design or manner. Security and wellbeing of the child has to be considered and must be made as a top concern.

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Safety 1st Infant Car Seat Reviews

Jose R. Rodriguez @ 8:44 pm

29 of 29 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Don’t let the price fool you!!!!! Its a very safe car seat

This review is from: Safety 1st Designer 22 Infant Car Seat, Nordica (Baby Product)

I research car seats extensively. I have four kids and only want the safest stuff for them, not the most expensive, but the car seats that will protect them the most. This one was highly rated by Consumer reports, whom I trust, with their testing and the price is reasonable. In fact, it was the only one with an EXCELLENT rating for protection. That made it a no-brainer for me. It is very nice easthetically too and will look great in your car installed.

Maddin123 @ 8:47 pm #

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent Product,

This infant seat is excellent. It is rated as a top recommendation by Consumer Reports. Price is a lot lower than comparable products – excellent value. The Infant carrier and base are “Made in USA”. The cover is Made in China.
The seat feels very sturdy and is relatively easy to install following the instructions.

E. Russell “pixysprinkle98” @ 9:27 pm #

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

4.0 out of 5 stars

The price is great, it looks cute. I gave it four stars because the butt part isnt as cushioned as I would like, but easily fixable by just adding extra padding underneath the material. Other than that I like it alot.